02/2017: Nikta is giving a talk at 2017 Biophysical Society Meeting, the Mechanobiology Subgroup Symposium.

01/2017: Nikta is giving a talk at The Berkeley Statistical Mechanics Meeting.

12/2016: Nikta is giving a talk at Boston University.

11/2016: Nikta is giving a talk at Syracuse University.

10/2016: Nikta is giving a talk at TU Delft.

09/2016: The lab is back from the 2016 MIT Biophysics Retreat at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel. Yoon gave a talk and Alex, Tzer Han, James and Aina presented posters. Congratulations to Tzer Han for winning the Best Poster Award!

09/2016: The lab is excited to welcome new members: JunAng Li (welcome back!) and Siyu He.

08/2016: Nikta is participating in the KITP From Genes to Growth and Form program from August 29-September 2.

08/2016: Yoon is attending the 6th annual Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium (SMLMS).

07/2016: Tzer Han is attending the KITP QBio Course on Mechanics & Mechanisms of Morphogenesis.

07/2016: Nikta is giving a talk at the 2016 Gordon Research Conference on Muscle and Molecular Motors (July 17-22).

07/2016: Nikta is attending the 16th HFSP Awardees Meeting from July 10-13 at the Biopolis in Singapore.

06/2016: Nikta is giving a talk at 2016 Active & Smart Matter conference.

06/2016: New paper published in PRL.

05/2016: Tzer Han and Alex have successfully passed their oral exams. Congratulations!

04/2016: New paper published in Science: Spotting hidden activity in cells

04/2016: Nikta is named a Scialog Fellow of The Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

03/2016: Nikta has been awarded the 2016 HFSP Career Development Award!

03/2016: Great talks at APS! The lab had a wonderful March Meeting in Baltimore with the following talks from the group:

Nikta Fakhri: Self-organization of stress patterns drives state transition in actin cortices

James Pelletier: Size scaling of microtubule asters in confinement

Alexandru Bacanu: Detection of Non-Equilibrium Fluctuations in Active Gels

Yoon Jung: Probing nuclear dynamics and architecture using single-walled carbon nanotubes

Tzer Han Tan: State transitions of actin cortices in vitro and in vivo

02/2016: Nikta is giving a talk at University of Maryland - College Park.

01/2016: Nikta is giving a talk at Stanford.

01/2016: The lab is now an NVIDIA GPU Research Center! We are primarily interested in developing GPU algorithms for sparse support recovery-based fluorescence image reconstruction and hologram generation for optical tweezers. 

11/2015: Tzer Han has been admitted to the GEMS program at HST. Congratulations Tzer Han!

04/2015: Nikta is giving a talk at Princeton.